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“What are event coordinators, parents, students and educators saying about Julie’s Award-Winning Programs?”

Teen Programs

“If you are looking for a speaker who will have instant impact…there is none better than Julie Laipply.”

-James Malinchak, Associate Editor, #1 Bestselling Book Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Julie is the easiest speaker I have ever worked with…she is so down to earth and the students love her!”

-Tonya Matthews National Conference Coordinator, GPA Clubs

“She was very interactive!...I was extremely excited and surprised with how well the audience responded back! Extremely fun…Very informative.” 

-Robin Bowers, Regional Leadership Conference Coordinator, LA

”Julie did amazing! Everybody fell into her story…We could all relate to it, it was very inspirational for us.”

-Emily, Student Leader

“I have just first hand witnessed Julie’s ability to captivate 400 students attention…Very compelling! Something every student ought to hear!”

-Congressman Aaron Schock, IL

I was just totally surprised with the real results of how they responded to Julie …hands were raising up every were… Everybody was really excited!"

-Tera Mahan, Educator, Boys and Girls Club, FL

“This is an amazing, amazing performance! It’s going to make the difference in the lives of many of our students.”

-Joe Deangelo, Upper School Head, Canterbury High School

“Wonderful presentation...positive way to promote academic and life-long success!”

-Leticia Haugabrook, Principal, Oak Park Middle School, Florida

“They wanted to be involved because it was that much fun!...Entertainment with a positive message!"

-Christopher Ramirez, School Administrator, Cypress Heights Academy

“Working with Julie is one of the best experiences we’ve had with any speakers…. We are extremely impressed.”

-Steve Bastian, Youth Conference Director, WI

“Awesome! Julie’s program touches on the issues they are dealing with today…it appeals to a wide audience—it doesn’t just appeal to those who are popular…also those who have been bullied or hurt.”

-Tori McGloughlin, Youth Group Leader and Attendee, Teen Healthy Choices Event, TX

“When asked what their favorite part of the conference was, it was Julie Marie Carrier. Julie is the most down-to-earth speaker we have ever had.”

-Holly Carbo, Regional Leadership Conference Coordinator, LA

“She involved the audience! The students loved it! Right after the assembly they rushed over...”

-Alicia Duran, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, Teen Prevention Event, NM

“She captivated the audience…The main thing that I heard, that I thought was pretty cool, is that you hear kids talking about it after it was over.”

-Sidney Hildago, Youth Director and Adult Chaperone, Teen Prevention Conference, LA

“Program was wonderful…the kids were really into it…I‘ve gotten wonderful feedback...everyone truly enjoyed the presentation!”

-Dedee Salam, Health Teacher, Assemblies, East Naples Middle School

“My son was in one of the schools she was in…they said they felt Julie was really real, they believed what she said, it gave them more self esteem.”

- Stephanie Sponaugle, Parent & Educator, ABC For Teens, FL

Girls Programs

“When she spoke with our group, I’ve never seen the click that just happened with our young ladies…If you want someone who is dynamic who can click with this generation—you’ve got to get with Julie!

-Rhonda Scott FPAL Event and Conference Director, FL

“She made us laugh, she made us cry…she was so honest and genuine. She was even able to relate to all the different ages!”

-Dawn Ash, Youth Group Leader and Participant,  Girls Conference, NE

“Julies presentation was so inspiring and heart felt…I encourage anyone to go see her presentation…I hope I can hear her speak again!”

-Havelin Miller Student Leader, SEPC National Young Women’s Conference, GA

“This was amazing…everything you told us is what everyone else has been trying to tell young women…but you showed us in a way that people finally understood.”

-Molly Fenny, Student, Participant in Be-YOU-Tiful Seminar, SC

“Julie is a professional speaker who can cross the color barrier. She was able to relate to our girls… She looked right into their hearts and identified with issues that affect women of every color.”

-Tonya Dallas Lewis

“As the mom of a daughter I think it is very important for her to hear these topics from someone who is stylish, and accomplished, and a successful business woman!"

-Terese Walters, Girls’ Retreat Coordinator and Mom, Girls’ Retreat, NC

“I appreciated your candidness in telling a story that really works…these principles that will affect her life not just for tonight but for years and years to come!"

-Dan Carlson, Father-Daughter Dinner Event Participant, SD

“I think it is so important for girls to hear the good message that there is a positive way to live your life. Julie has been such a good influence!”

-Susan McPike, Teacher and Adult Chaperone, Healthy Choices for Girls Conference, IN

“We love Julie’s presentation. I think as moms we feel supported. It is very refreshing to know this is out there because our girls really have to fight against peer pressure and the whole media spectacle of what beauty is.”

-Maribel Adams, Mom, Mother-Daughter Event, Washington, DC

“They gave her a standing ovation! Wow!...They did because her message is real…”

-Joy Harris, Planning Committee, Girls’ Conference, MD

“As a girl...you get a really strong connection with her as a woman role model. She’s also not afraid to be goofy or get up there and have fun with the crowd!”

-Mandy, Student Leader

“Today our weekend with Julie was absolutely phenomenal. It was life changing.”

-Shelley Morrissett, Pure Fashion Chairperson, Raleigh, NC

Educator & Parent Programs

See Julie’s Program on The Teen Brain Featured on WINK TV

“This is the best presentation combined with the speaker and the handouts and the power point that I have ever seen!...and I am picky!”

-Susan Shay, Teen Educator

“I was a teacher for 25 years and went to many schools and trainings and her training was the best…I was so excited to learn about the brain bounce!”

-Linda Lewis Counselor

“I’ve been using Julie’s brain-based learning and just love it because you get to involve the children…you can tell you’ve got to them!”

-Gladys Omani Prevention Educator, Zimbabwe 

“Today’s training was very inspiring and very hands-on! The hands on activities and analogies really connect with that age level.”

-John Keane 9th & 10th Grade Teacher

“Brain Based Learning is incredible…how to get them excited how to get them to respond! You need to come!”

-Demario Belford Teen Prevention Educator

“We have found tremendous success with our at risk students… We were totally received by the students!”

-Tera Mahan, Boys and Girls Club

“She is captivating, energetic…and I can’t wait to share this information with so many people!”

-Nancy S., Nurse, Health Educator