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Julie Marie Carrier - A Powerful Speaker, Author and Role Model for Teens

“Julie is the easiest speaker I have ever worked with…she is so down to earth and the students love her!”

-Tonya Matthews National Conference Coordinator, GPA Clubs

“She was very interactive!...I was extremely excited and surprised with how well the audience responded back! Extremely fun…Very informative.” 

-Robin Bowers, Regional Leadership Conference Coordinator, LA

”Julie did amazing! Everybody fell into her story…We could all relate to it, it was very inspirational for us.”

-Emily, Student Leader

“I have just first hand witnessed Julie’s ability to captivate 400 students attention…Very compelling! Something every student ought to hear!”

-Congressman Aaron Schock, IL

I was just totally surprised with the real results of how they responded to Julie …hands were raising up every were… Everybody was really excited!"

-Tera Mahan, Educator, Boys and Girls Club, FL

“This is an amazing, amazing performance! It’s going to make the difference in the lives of many of our students.”

-Joe Deangelo, Upper School Head, Canterbury High School

“Wonderful presentation...positive way to promote academic and life-long success!”

-Leticia Haugabrook, Principal, Oak Park Middle School, Florida

“They wanted to be involved because it was that much fun!...Entertainment with a positive message!"

-Christopher Ramirez, School Administrator, Cypress Heights Academy

“Working with Julie is one of the best experiences we’ve had with any speakers…. We are extremely impressed.”

-Steve Bastian, Youth Conference Director, WI

“Awesome! Julie’s program touches on the issues they are dealing with today…it appeals to a wide audience—it doesn’t just appeal to those who are popular…also those who have been bullied or hurt.”

-Tori McGloughlin, Youth Group Leader and Attendee, Teen Healthy Choices Event, TX

“When asked what their favorite part of the conference was, it was Julie Marie Carrier. Julie is the most down-to-earth speaker we have ever had.”

-Holly Carbo, Regional Leadership Conference Coordinator, LA

“She involved the audience! The students loved it! Right after the assembly they rushed over...”

-Alicia Duran, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, Teen Prevention Event, NM

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With her high-energy and interactive presentations, her down-to-earth “big sister” speaking style and her ability to captivate the attention of audiences from 200-20,000 while he tackles the real issues facing teens today—it is clear why Julie is a recognized authority on successful choices for teens and a top choice as a speaker for teen conferences, assemblies, and events around the country.

As a top achiever and positive teen role model, Julie is featured in The Success Principles and The Success Principles for Teens by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Jack Canfield. Julie’s story of hope and

Students love her highly interactive
programs, making her a favorite for
assemblies, conferences
and workshops!
encouragement is also featured in Chicken Soup for the “Twenty-Something Soul”, as well as in her new, widely anticipated book for teen girls, Be-You-Tiful

What teens love…

Teens appreciate that Julie has come a long way from the “monkey legs” and “nerd” labels of high school where she couldn’t even get a date to prom. As an award-winning national speaker and author, an Emmy-

Whether you are planning a conference,
 seminar or school assembly Julie will tailor her
presentation specially for your event!

nominated TV show host, Miss Virginia USA 2002, a semi-finalist to appear on NBC’s Apprentice TV show, and a senior leadership consultant at the Pentagon—all in just her twenties—Julie’s life demonstrates the power of healthy choices in achieving success and she shows young people across the nation how to do the same!

Her senior year of high school, Julie became President of the National Honor Society, and a member of the Beta Club and Student Council.  She started her own company at the age 14 to help pay for college—key experiences that helped her to create a solid foundation of personal leadership experience. A proud supporter of Teen Institute and Youth to Youth Drug-Prevention organizations while in high school, Julie went on to found her own drug-free club, PROUD, at The Ohio State University.

Julie is the Ideal Speaker for:

Student Conferences

Student Council Conferences

  4-H,  FBLA, DECA, FCCLA, FFA Events

National Honor Society Programs 

Beta Club Events

Healthy Choices Events
(Abstinence from Alcohol, Sex and Drugs)

Alcohol / Drug Awareness Programs and Conferences

Student Leadership Events
and Assemblies


What event coordinators, parents love…

Event coordinators and parents alike love that Julie is a much-needed positive role model for teens who lives her messages and is committed to living a healthy lifestyle including being 100% drug-free. They also appreciate her expertise and experience in leadership development and how her life demonstrates the power of positive choices. Most importantly, they recognize that her fun and interactive programs have lasting and life-changing impact.


Julie is a highly requested speaker for
Youth Leadership Conferences!

Julie’s Most Popular Teen Programs Include:

Leadership Keys for Success!™
For conference keynotes, breakouts, or school assemblies
This high-energy, entertaining and interactive program is ideal for leadership conferences and school assemblies! Julie helps students understand how to utilize the power of personal leadership, goal setting and character-strengthening choices in building their futures toward a successful graduation and beyond.

Topics Addressed:
● Goal Setting ● Media Literacy ● Drug-Prevention ● Healthy Relationships ● Building Character & Confidence ● Dealing with Peer-Pressure

Students have fun in Julie’s programs
and are actively engaged!

Make A Date With Your Future™
For conference keynotes, breakouts, or school assemblies
This powerful presentation focuses on the importance of making healthy choices including the importance of goal setting, resisting peer-pressure, and abstinence from alcohol, sexual activity, and drugs. Not only is the program interactive and fun, but it is also integrates up-to-date facts and research.  Julie’s presentation helps young people understand that despite the media culture that promotes alcohol use, drug use, sexual activity and violence, every student has the right to make healthy and successful choices—the healthiest, happiest and the best way to reach their dreams for their future! (This program is CBAE and A-H compliant.)

Topics Addressed:
● Goal Setting ● Media Literacy ● Drug-Prevention ● Abstinence from Alcohol, Sex & Drugs ● Healthy Dating Relationships
● Building Character ● Dealing with Peer-Pressure

Julie’s interactive programs target
key issues facing young people!

The Power of Positive Peer-Suasion
For conference keynotes, breakouts, or school assemblies
A powerful keynote for conferences, this highly interactive presentation is a call to action for students to lead their own lives through making healthy and drug-free choices and to inspire their peers to do the same.  Through entertaining visuals, demonstrations, and active audience participation, Julie shares proven strategies on how to stay committed to the life-success track, resist negative peer pressure, develop positive relationships, and use the power of peer-suasion to positively influence others to make a commitment to successful and healthy choices.

Topics Addressed:
● Effective Communication ● Goal Setting ● Personal Leadership ● Drug-Prevention ● Building Character & Confidence ● Dealing with Peer-Pressure

Julie is always willing to greet participants
and autograph books

BeYOUtiful! ™:
For conference keynotes, special breakouts, seminars or all-girls school assemblies
Sorry boys, this fun and interactive program is just for girls and women only!  As Julie’s most popular girls’ program, it has all the fun of a slumber party while revealing powerful tips and tools to develop self-confidence and a strong self-identity. Julie uses laughter, powerful “behind the scenes” stories from her work in television, on-stage activities and dynamic visual demonstrations to candidly address the issues surrounding body image, media “beauty myths,” dealing with mean girls, setting goals and healthy relationships. This life-changing and laughter-filled program is designed to help girls define real “beYOUty,” build character and make choices for real success in the real world.

Conference coordinators who choose to provide
Julie’s special girls-only breakout sessions
get raving reviews! 

Attention Conference Coordinators: Julie is often invited to present special “girls-only” breakout sessions even at national co-ed conferences. Her programs are so popular they often have standing room only.)

Topics Addressed:
● Body Image ● Media Literacy ● Bullying ● Building Self-Confidence and Character  ● Healthy Choices & Relationships ● Goal Setting ● Dealing with Peer-Pressure

What are other program coordinators, parents and teens saying about Julie and her interactive programs?

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You very much for serving as our key note speaker…Your inspirational and enthusiastic message touched the hearts of all 1,300 high school students in attendance…Your story...will surely help many in the audience to reach new heights in their lives.”

-Randy Dwyer, Director, NRECA National Youth Conference, Washington, DC
My student leaders chose you to come to our school from all the speakers that they heard at the conference because you had so many great ways to involve them. They really remembered your program and reflected on it even months later!

-Kiesha Williams, Educator, IDEA Leadership Conference, IL
I thought it was awesome that she is not that much older than us and knows exactly what we are going through. She really reached everyone—the nerds and the popular kids.

-Thomas, 18, High School Assembly, MI

Julie was amazing! Julie's program was honest, open and it was true and the kids felt that—you could tell by watching them and listening to their feedback after…She did it flawlessly! Flawlessly!

-Joseph Ramos, Adult Leader, Drug-Free Youth Conference, CA
“Julie’s Presentation was outstanding! She was very interactive with the audience and spent a lot of one-on-one time with the students. She made each person feel like “the most special person at the conference.” Julie is a very dynamic and excellent role model. We look forward to working with her again!”

-Tammy Brothers, Speaker/Conference Coordinator, IN
Thank you for teaching me how to have confidence in myself and changing my ways in life. You inspire me!

-Christine, 14, Police Athletic League Leadership Event, FL
“The students love Julie’s powerful and interactive program so much, we have brought her back to speak at our national youth conference three years in a row—and counting!

-Amy Wiley, National Youth Summit Director, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, DC
You inspired me to join the leadership team this year when I heard you speak last year. You helped me get through a tough time and I started making different and better choices.

-Michael, 16, Soul Survivor Conference, SC
I loved you at the conference so much, I lobbied my principal to have you come and do an assembly at our school. He said Yes!

-Rebecca, 17, International Leadership Conference, WI