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Because thousands of people like you have loved my programs, especially my girls and young women programs, I have recently authored a new book, BeYOUtiful!

Please take advantage of this opportunity to bring the power of my message to girls and young women in your community by ordering your copy today!

Julie Marie Carrier

The Ultimate Girl's and Young Woman's Guide to Discovering Your True Beauty, Gaining a Higher Self-Confidence, and Developing Personal Success in All Areas of Your Life!

224 pages

What does it mean to be truly beautiful? In this highly acclaimed guide for girls and young women, Julie Marie Carrier--recognized as one of the top speakers for girls in the United Sates--helps young women learn the ultimate beauty secrets about leadership and life. This fun, interactive and practical how-to guide confronts the most common challenges girls and young women face as they navigate growing up. (BeYOUtiful! is being called a "big sister in a book" by mom's and girls alike!) Part journal, part action guide and positive teen-girls magazine, this highly-acclaimed new book, specifically designed for girls 10-19, provides valuable life lessons on the power of making healthy and successful choices to living the positive life that every girl deserves. Girls of all ages learn how to define what it means to be authentically beautiful--in other words BeYOUtiful! It's not just a look, it's a way to live!


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About the Author….

Julie Marie Carrier is one of the most sought after speakers for girls and young women in the United States. Julie has come a long way from the “monkey legs” and “nerd” nicknames of high school where she couldn’t even get a date to prom. As an award-winning speaker, Emmy-Nominated TV show host, NBC’s Apprentice TV show semifinalist and former Senior Management Consultant in Leadership Training and Development for the Pentagon and author—Julie specializes in helping young women develop self-confidence, self esteem, and a positive self-identity. She attributes the qualities of focusing on real beauty—inner qualities related to character and leadership— she has achieved incredible success at a young age.