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Julie Marie Carrier - A Recognized Expert on Educational Best-Practices
and Engaging Teens

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“This is the best presentation combined with the speaker and the handouts and the power point that I have ever seen!...and I am picky!”

-Susan Shay, Teen Educator

“I was a teacher for 25 years and went to many schools and trainings and her training was the best…I was so excited to learn about the brain bounce!”

-Linda Lewis Counselor

“I’ve been using Julie’s brain-based learning and just love it because you get to involve the children…you can tell you’ve got to them!”

-Gladys Omani Prevention Educator, Zimbabwe 

“Today’s training was very inspiring and very hands-on! The hands on activities and analogies really connect with that age level.”

-John Keane 9th & 10th Grade Teacher

“Brain Based Learning is incredible…how to get them excited how to get them to respond! You need to come!”

-Demario Belford Teen Prevention Educator

“The program today is awesome, we’ve been able to test some of Julie’s program in our schools…the training has been so much fun. It is one of the best trainings I’ve ever been to!”

-Stephanie Spinockle Educator and Teen Prevention Coordinator 

“We have found tremendous success with our at risk students… We were totally received by the students!”

-Tera Mahan, Boys and Girls Club

“She is captivating, energetic…and I can’t wait to share this information with so many people!”

-Nancy S., Nurse, Health Educator

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Wowed by her amazing ability to engage, support and impact her student audiences of all backgrounds from 20-20,000, with positive messages that students remember long after the event—many youth workers, educators, community organization directors, and parents ask Julie “How did you do that?!”

After hundreds of requests, Julie began leveraging her professional background in educational best-practices and

Coordinators bring Julie and
her award-winning programs back
year after year!
applied learning theory to provide interactive seminars, keynotes and breakout sessions for adults who serve youth as well as programs for parents.

Her programs on understanding the teen brain and teen communication strategies are regularly featured on the Education Channel and she has recently authored The Youth Educator’s Guidebook and Toolkit.

Julie’s book contains research-proven
strategies, tools, and activities to
reach teens with messages on
healthy choices.

Because of her successes in professional development education, she was also brought in as a Senior Management Consultant for The Pentagon for over four years to help maximize the impact of their communication and leadership development programs. There, she was widely recognized for creating learning experiences that had a high-impact and were also “fun.” Julie graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from The Ohio State University Honors Program in Leadership Studies, with a focus on educational policy and leadership and is also a Certified Instructional Systems Developer and a Certified Training Manager.

Additionally, Julie is a professional member of the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development and the American Society for Training and Development.

Julie is the Ideal Speaker for:

Prevention Conferences and

Youth Workers Conferences

Continuing Education and
Staff Development Programs

National and Regional
Educator Conferences

Youth Ministry Directors and
Staff Development Programs

Family and Consumer Sciences
Teacher Events  and Conferences


Many organizations turn to Julie to help support the success of their events or staff development year after year. (The Florida Department of Health offered her trainings for health educators and they were so popular and the demand was so great, they brought Julie in a second and third time—with the highest satisfaction ratings in the history of the program.) Because of the wide appeal and impact of her presentations, trong>JulJulie is often one of the highest rated speakers at conferences for educators, parents, and youth workers.

Julie’s Brain-Based Learning Keynote is powerful
for National Conferences

Julie’s Most Popular Educator and Parent Programs Include:

Brain-Based Learning: Engaging Youth as Active Learners
For conference keynotes, breakouts, or full/half-day seminars
In this full-day seminar, interactive keynote program or conference breakout session, Julie shares powerful, research-proven teaching strategies and best-practices that educators, youth workers and youth directors can utilize to reach young people with the message of positive choices. By understanding the adolescent brain and using science-based teaching strategies, participants learn how to have the maximum impact on youth learning and behaviors. Julie also shares tools and activities that participants can take back to their communities—and can start seeing results immediately! This is a powerful professional development program for organizations to support the continuing education of staff, educators, and community members!

Topics Addressed:
● Teen Brain Development ● Teen Culture ● Drug-Prevention ● High-Risk Decisions for Teens: Alcohol, Sexual Activity, Drugs & Violence ● Effective Prevention Messages ● Teen Communication Strategies ● Building Teen Character & Leadership ● Teen Engagement Activities ● Helping Teens deal with Peer-Pressure ● Healthy Choices 

Parents love Julie’s practical strategies
on teen communication

Understanding the Teen Brain
For conference keynotes, breakouts, or parent programs  
Julie takes parents, educators and youth workers on an interactive journey to better understand the teen brain and how teen brain development can impact teen decision making and behaviors. Julie will also share best-practice and brain-based learning strategies that participants can use to communicate with teens about drug-use, sexual activity, and other high risk activities and to help teens make healthy choices to build  bright, healthy and successful futures.


Topics Addressed:
● Teen Brain Development ● Teen Culture ● Drug-Prevention ● High-Risk Decisions for Teens: Alcohol, Sex Drugs & Violence ● Effective Teen Communication Strategies ● Building Teen Character

What are other girls, parents and program coordinators saying about Julie and her programs?

“This is a wonderful training and ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER  ATTENDED. All of the sessions provided me with a great deal of information.”

-Errick Farmer
Florida A & M University, School of Allied Health Sciences
“It is a program that anyone working with  teens in ANY CAPACITY should hear her speak on brain-based learning!”

-Carla Butler
Lee County Health Department
“It is an excellent program that gives you  ideas to reach teenagers in a way that teens are free to learn the information.”

-Shondra Wilkerson
After School ALL STARS
“I learned so many new ideas, activities, resources.  Julie is so energetic and helpful! She keeps things fun—the time goes by so fast! And I RETAINED so much information!

-Nicole McDaniel
Boys and Girls Club of Lake and Sumter
“Julie is one of the best speakers  I have ever seen!”

-Amadiris Rosado
Hendry County Health Department
“Very informative program that should be taught to everyone who has any access to our young adults.”

-Rayma Zugel
Care Net Pregnancy Services
“It provides excellent tools to use in getting kids attention—helping them to internalize the abstinence message.”

-Terye Bradley
Florida Department of Health
“Well prepared, informative, great activities with lots of energy! My program presenters will benefit from today’s workshop!”

-Bonnie Thurman
“Very good program! Educational and fun! I will take a number of ideas back”

-Judy Tretler, Hamilton County Health Department
“Great! Very Informative! Excellent Educator!”

-Marion Henson Rosemont Community Center Youth Outreach Program
“Fantastic! A must see and participate in seminar to be an effective abstinence educator!”

-Darla Huddleston, ABC for Teens
“Very well done! I really enjoyed the brain-based learning. Thank you for that information and your energy! I appreciate your sharp presentation. Well-organized!”

-Alcira Adriantico, Pure Energy
“I learned a lot in the first 10 minutes, not to mention the rest of the day!”

-Derrick Baxter, Leminole County Healthy Start Program
“I would recommend this training for all educators! A great way to learn!”

-Grace Acevedo, Think Smart
“Excellent—Based on research and current findings. Gives material you can utilize.”

-Sandra Agle, Lee County School District
“This should be mandatory training for all grantees because it is power packed with new ideas and activities.”

-Carolyn Demps, Bethel Community Development
“The workshop was excellent. The instructor was very thorough, passionate, and informative.”

-Derrick Lewis, Bridging the Gap
“Very Powerful—Full of great information and teaching tools—made me much more prepared to teach!”

-Jennifer Rutherford, PS Respect